Ceiling & wall panels

Prolith (Celenit) Eco Series
Wood fibre cement bonded boards with superb acoustic & thermal properties; fire, water and frost resistant.....more info

Prolith Thermocoustex Board (Rigid)
A fully recyclable acoustic & thermal insulation board for installation in domestic, commercial and industrial ceilings to reduce energy costs and suppress high noise levels.....more info

Prolith PB1
A high-density non-combustible particle building board with high performance acoustic and thermal isolation, and fire resistance.....more info

Pyrocoust Armatec
A new generation of lightweight fire protection boards; water repellant; used in building construction.....more info

Acoustic & thermal insulation materials

Sonowool RX
Non-eroding, waterproof, natural stone wool providing superior long term acoustic & thermal insulation performance.....more info

PROLITH Thermocoustex Fibre (Flexible)
A none irritant fully recyclable acoustic and thermal insulation blanket used to reduce energy costs and to regulate and suppress high noise levels.....more info

Prolith P Series
100% polyester rolls offering excellent acoustic & thermal performance.....more info

Non cross-linked high density polyethylene foam with and without airfoil.....more info

Various thermal insulation boards (polystyrene variants)

Prolite Thermo Board
High density fire resistant thermal insulation polystyrene boards.....more info

Thermoceil Boards
EPS with white American PVC Facing

Acoustic Fabric & Screening

Prolith Acoustis 50
A coated fiberglass fabric with a special acoustic weave for all acoustic absorption functions. Significantly reduces acoustic reverberation.....more info

Our range of office partitions, desk screens and wall screens are manufactured to order

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